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I am a painter and maker. From when I was little, drawing and making of any kind was my soul food. This doesn’t seem to have changed with time and what I have noticed is that the more I can creatively play and explore the more I have inspiration. I have not had formal training aside from an amazing high school art teacher(Bob) and equally as amazing and inspiring fellow artists and creators.  I do what I do because it makes me unquestioningly happy. Finni the cat and I live and make in the river town of Eganville, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Canada. And I have the luck of living among friends and friendly neighbors in my small town – surrounded my forest, fields and a multitude of lakes and rivers from which to draw wonder and inspiration.

With true gratitude and thanks,



Finni and I

Copyright Sharolyn Townsend Photography 2019

Copyright Sharolyn Townsend Photography 2019