Faery Artist

Since my first faery story read to me as a small child I have been hooked on the wee magical creatures!  To say I love things with wings is an understatement but certainly true.  Every time I find myself amongst the trees and flowers and buzzing insects I wonder where these little winged beings have made their home and what mischief they are making.  I feel the tingle of magic in the air and have definitely experienced the rising hairs on the back of my neck by an old Oak tree — I feel them but have not yet seen their true faces.  And yet I have a blank canvas or paper in front of me and these beings want and do come through…as if by magic.  What wants to be must be and I feel I can be a portal through which some magic can move through if only to paper and canvas.  Painting and drawing and making things by hand have always been what I most love to do.  Faeries, trees, and other sacred and silly beings get my fingers playing and my heart dancing.  Life is sweet and hard and inspiring and often sad but what I create is meant to be a pause and a resting place for the heart and mind.  Something of light and mystery just outside of our eyes view.  Something simple and interesting and meant to delight.

These are my little children, created with love — if they resonate with you then I am so pleased and if they don’t then there is something else wonderful out there in this artistic world for you. Thank you for your interest and allowing me to share my artistic expression with you.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Genevieve Townsend