The reason I started drawing and painting in the first place, from my very first memories, was for the fun of it and enjoyment.   I am drawn to elemental creatures, beings that fly and play outside our vision and everyday lives.  Angels and sacred women who radiate power and light are gifts to my imagination.

            The world as it is today holds so many reasons to be angry, to fight for or fight against and I just don’t want to fight.  I wish to offer up what I create as a “pause”.  I am aware of and regularly disturbed and saddened by the happenings of this planet and yet when I interact in this place I experience incredible happiness and caring people every single day.  So I want to offer a “pause” from what isn’t working to a window looking on visions of the sacred, of light, magic, imagination, fun and even inspiration.  The feeling of the paintings is what I dream to see manifest in this world.   This planet holds infinite visual and tactile abundance and my way to comprehend and really experience it is to paint and create.  These are my digestions and personal translations. There really isn’t a message just a visual gift to be enjoyed if this resonates with you.  I enjoyed every moment and made each piece because I love to.


Peace, love and joy!

Genevieve Townsend